About Us

The Call of the Gate

The Gate Community is an apostolic community of Jesus Christ believers that hosts equipping courses, conferences, and worship gatherings. We strive to encourage, train and empower Christ-followers to be Gates to release more of His love and goodness worldwide.

The Gate Community
The Gate Community

What We Do

We see the Gate's calling to pastors, churches, and followers of Christ to bring more of the reality of heaven on earth. Our team believes the abilities and talents given by the Father, the five-fold gifts given by Jesus Christ, and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are to be honored, developed, and taught to believers in Charleston.

We do this through public gatherings like The Rising (see our website page for times and locations), Live stream teachings and Udemy Courses. See the Udemy Course link on the pages of our website.


Our History

The seed of the Gate started in the spring of 2015 when Ron and Libby Hamilton and a team started a pilot class of a Gate School of Ministry (called The Jesus School of Ministry). The class taught believers to discover their true identity and to step out more as Gates bringing the ministry of Jesus into their world.

Later in the summer of 2017, Ron stepped out of his role at Seacoast Church after almost 30 years to step fully into the ministry of The Gate to encourage, train and empower more of God's sons and daughters to see more of the realty of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as Jesus did.

Our Belief

We have a clear vision of pastors and leaders throughout Charleston joining in to bring their gifts and callings to see the body of Jesus Christ trained, equipped, and deployed in our beloved city.

Our vision is to see an apostolic team of pastors and leaders come together to serve our beloved city by "equipping followers of Christ to bring Kingdom reformation to the Holy City."

One of the key verses that helped shape the call and vision of the Gate was Micah 2:13 that describes the people of God passing through the Gate with Jesus, the "breaker out" King going out before them.

"The breaker goes up before them; They break out, pass through the gate and go out by it!

SO the King goes on before them, and the Lord at their head!" 

Give Online

We serve our city by encouraging and equipping followers of Christ to be Gates that allow God's love and goodness to pour out to others. If you believe in our vision and mission, we ask you to support our community.

The Gate Community