Are you ready to start seeing the supernatural in your everyday life?

Our team at the GATE offers several trainings to make that dream a reality for you and your group! Check out the trainings we offer below and contact us to schedule your next event!

Mission Team Training

This 2 session training is geared toward preparing local or global mission teams to bring the transforming love and power of God’s Kingdom to the people they are serving. Identity as a Kingdom citizen and divine healing training are covered in this 2 session training.

Prophetic Training

This 2 session training is geared toward small groups who want to learn more about the prophetic gift of the Spirit. This training includes a biblical basis for every believer plus practical training in how to grow in exercising this gift via your Holy Spirit connection.

Healing Prayer Training

Divine Healing training can be accessed either by a shorter 2 week course geared specifically for your small group or church class or by enrolling in the 4 week Course offered by the GATE as one of our main courses. See the link to sign up for the 4 week course. Or contact us for the 2 week course offered at your location or small group.