Course Sessions

Fall 2019

Equipping Course: Divine Healing Training

Session: "The Biblical Basis for Healing"

October 2019

Instructors: Ron Hamilton, Aaron Yarnell, and Dr. Mike Sabback

This is the first of many sessions that will be devoted to the biblical truth that God wants you healed. When Jesus said on the cross “it is finished“ He was declaring once and for all that He had bought the redemption that paid for forgiveness of our sins and healing of our soul and body. This course will give you a firm biblical foundation for your faith to grow for healing for you and others.

Equipping Course: Spirit, Soul and Body

Session: “Living from your spirit”

November 2019

Instructor: Ron Hamilton

This is the foundational course on the dynamics of being a spirit person who has a soul and who lives in the body. This course will engage you into a journey of living from your spirit person who knows God, knows his word, can not sin and is full of faith. This is the first of a series of sessions under the “Spirit, Soul, and Body” Course  heading


Winter 2020

Deploying Course: The King and His Kingdom

Session: "Deployment or Employment"

January 2020

Instructor: Ron Hamilton

This course will continue to explore the principles of the Kingdom of God. Isaiah 46: 9-10 declares that God has ordained your purpose from the end to the beginning. God is ahead of you calling you into your full deployment into all He created you for!  Employment pays the bills but Deployment creates destiny . Come engage with this course to help you know and walk in the difference.

Enrollment begins in November