Living by your Spirit!

Living from our spirit! As we live from our spirit faith arises because our spirit has total faith. Our spirit knows God’s word; our spirit is in interaction with the Holy Spirit. Our spirit is able to truly imagine what God desires to do for who we are and for who we are to be. Our spirit Imagines and can see in the unseen realm what is available to be manifested in the seen world. That is why our spirit also needs to be in control over the soul and the body and the spirit is to be the central source of how our soul and our body operates. Too often our soul, the unredeemed part of our soul, affects our spirit when it needs to be the other way around. We have to learn how to live by the Spirit of God; we have to train our soul and our body to move with our spirit. That is why our soul and our personalities specially his best manifested when we are living learning to live by the Spirit. That is when whatever personality system you want to use we manifest the best we show our personality the best when we are living by the Spirit of God.Ezekiel one says that the living creature has four faces you can apply that to the DISC. What is significant this is it the wheel is the spirit of the living beings so is through the spirit that the personalities are manifested correctly and more and more perfectly. Also why you can’t going to Solon over analyze this Chris at the rabbit hole what you focus and two is what you end up getting so into the chronology you get focused on trying to be better. His spirit it brings life as you learn to live by the spirit and your soul files and you just see the fruit of it but you focus on the Soul and try to make the fruit you get in trouble!Another aspect is if they were in people and situations are so versus our spirit the spirit will quickly realize were truth is coming from where what you are to listen to but if you look at someone by the soul you could miss what they have for you because of what you see in their soul. And their physical attributes. So 2 Cor 5:17-18 points out that we are to no longer look at someone by the flesh but by the spirit so you could have someone in your life that God want you to listen to and receive from but you may not like their hair in a land line with how they talk and that’s your Saul cutting off what God has for youColossians 2 says it all knowledge and wisdom is hidden in Christ all knowledge is hidden in Christ people are so thirsty and hungry for knowledge they can’t get enough they feel like they are going to get behind if they don’t know more and more about the sales in the last days it people know I was real increase in people will run to and fro but all things are hidden in Christ and then the spirit you know that most inventions and industrial revolution were from believers praying and receiving downloads from God. God wants to bless the world and he’ll give stuff to people obviously who don’t know him but we have an advantage we have the very spirit of God in us to know the things freely given to us by God first Corinthian’s 29 through 16That’s why praying in the Holy Spirit is not just to show that you’ve been baptized in Holy Spirit is not to show that you have ability to feel some goosebumps but it is an absolute vital tapping into the spirit of God to build yourself up then you’re safe and safe to hear God faith to do what God has called you to do faith to receive downloads from him to bless you and bless other peopleWe have got to learn to live according to the spirit of God Romans1Says when we don’t glorify God we lose our imagination for God snd it goes to vain imagination But If you are glorifying God in your imagination gets picked up and active to see what would Glorify GodIsaiah 26:3Mind = Yetser= Imagination So we have perfect Peace when our imagination is set on HimImagination is seeing things in the unseen that you can’t see in the seen world.So when our imagination is set on or motivated by ..immersed in the spirit of God, there is perfect peace.So YETSER is “seeing ..conceive what will be”Then another Hebrew word connected to that is YATSAR means “ To create”This is so POWERFUL!Imagination Is not fantasy. Fantasy is totally not based on any reality. It is make-believe. Imagination on the other hand It’s something you use every day. Believers sometimes don’t have a clue and you start talking about imagination especially how it relates to how God wants to use it and you think it’s fantasy but imagination is a gift from God It allows us to see pictures so it is beyond just the seen sight.You use your imagination every day.For exampleIf I asked you how many exterior doors was on the home that you grew up in most of us would not check her list or iPhone but we were closer eyes and see the house. When you give someone directions you don’t just pull it up and read it you thank about it and you and your mom I see the roads and the way to get there.Hello talking about imagination God wants you to use it because you have it. Now in Romans one says again and that if we don’t glorify God I give thanks to him then we can use our imaginations for Valentine’s. But when our spirit is in control we can use our imagination to see us doing what God is called us to do we can see the preferred future God has for us and we have to see it in Newark to walk into it.This is how our soul becomes redeem we begin to see who we really are in God and we are able to go beyond the way that we have seen our sales in the past space on the Spirit of God in us.The same thing for physical Manifestations. When we see ourselves praying for the sick and they been healed it will happen more I chronicles 29.. David giving to the temple“ God who are we to give you this?Verse 17 “ V18 “keep this forever in the imagination of your people “Memory is a powerful force and imagination is involved“ A picture is worth a 1000 words”See it is so valuable!Builders use blueprints! There are picture based just words! Imagination is the source of your life’s blueprint! So vital!So ask God to allow you to “SEE” from His Spirit the things he has for you! then as Habakkuk 22 says, “Record the Vision and inscribe it on tablets so the one who reads it may run!”Have fun seeing and believing for all God has for you!

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