why Jesus School of Ministry?

Jesus School of Ministry (JSM) is designed to equip believers in the fullness of the gospel. Built to come alongside churches and bodies of believers in the Charleston area, JSM is focused on creating a sustainable revival culture that reveals the reality of the life of Jesus in each believer and in turn brings continuous change to our city.

Believing that God always wants to bring more reformation, JSM is aimed at equipping and deploying reformers who passionately pursue city-wide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.

How do we transform a community? By carrying Kingdom principles and life  to every aspect of society. Join us in 2018 to bring more of heaven's love, goodness and healing  to earth in our relationships, communities and areas of influence. 

Why JSM? Because you were born to live a transformative life!

JSM Format

JSM is formatted after what is being called in educational circles as "Flipped Learning" which refers to students engaging with the majority of the teaching content online outside of class so that class together can be devoted to practical application of what the students are learning.

At JSM most of the teaching content will be accessed online so our Monday night class time from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM is devoted to worship, community building, practical activation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and live teaching downloads from both JSM teachers and outside speakers.

Jesus modeled a "teach and do" format as He trained His disciples

and we are very excited about the environment this learning format offers as all true learning has to involve experiencing the truth we are engaging with. 

jSM curriculum overview

The curriculum of JSM is geared toward teaching followers of Jesus Christ what He taught and how He lived His life, and how to practically imitate His life in their world..

We are currently offering  sequential school sessions. We refer to these as YEAR ONE and CONTINUUM

Here are sample Curriculum subjects from these two sessions:


Our identity in Christ as loved sons and daughters

Learning to hear the Father's voice

Principles of praise and worship

Prayer and intercession

Developing a kingdom culture of honor and revival

Essential truths of normal Christianity

Gifts of the spirit Part 1

Prophetic Ministry Part 1

Learning to live in the ways of Royalty

Learning our assignment of bringing heaven on earth.


Hosting his presence

God's government

Spiritual warfare

7 Mountain Renaissance

Making Cultural Impact

Prophetic ministry Part 2

Gifts of the Spirit Part 2

Healthy relational dynamics

Walking in a supernatural renewed mind

Jsm logistics

The curriculum of JSM is geared toward teaching followers of Jesus Christ what He taught and how He lived His life, and how to practically imitate His life in their world..

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 Fall Semester sessions.

The JSM 2018 school year consist of approximately 31 sessions completed over Spring and Fall semesters. 

The tuition for the Fall Semester is $150 per student and $225 for couples registering together.

There is also a reduced rate for current college students offered at the time of admission.

The Fall Semester begins Monday September 10th and consists of both online courses to complete and sessions together on Monday nights. 

Look at the next section to apply

How to Apply

The application process for 2018 Fall Semester is now open. Thank you for your interest in Jesus School of Ministry. 

First Year, 1st Semester Students, Register Here

Continuum Students, Register Here