God is positioning His people, the very body of Christ in position to bring His kingdom on earth in a big step forward in this time. It is just like God, in the great shaking, to bring a great awakening.


Everything is being shaken and God is in the chaos bringing down evil ...exposing evil for what it is.

Let’s be grateful that God is ready to empower and deploy us, His true Ekklesia that He pronounced in Matthew 16:18 would be His true church and would overpower the gates of Hades.


So the 2 big questions we need to answer are:


What is this Ekklesia that Jesus proclaimed was His true body And would take down the gates of Hades?


And secondly how does His Ekklesia best gather and do His work on the earth?


Are you ready for what God has for you as His empowered body of Christ?


You have all the authority, the insight, wisdom and power, to destroy the works of the enemy on this earth & to usher in more of God’s Kingdom of heaven on earth..Which has been His purpose from the very beginning in Genesis!


Imagine just for a moment with the Holy Spirit thousands upon thousands of Ekklesia groups of 2 to 12 people meeting on a regular basis breathing in wisdom, strategy, and the Presence of God and then breathing out into their world, their culture the very glory of God, the brilliance, the wisdom and the impact of his presence and power in their assignment in their sphere of influence!

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